Easy Rose Syrup Recipe

Rose syrup recipe

Rose syrup is a flavoured simple syrup with the addition of fresh or dried rose petals which impart a delicate rose flavour reminiscent of Turkish delight. This quick and easy recipe is versatile and is great in drinks, desserts, cocktails, cakes and buttercream icing.

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Nettle Soup Recipe

Nettle soup recipe

Nettles (Urtica dioica) are a common shrub native to Europe and Asia. The plants have heart-shaped leaves and stems that are covered in fine hairs which cause pain, redness and swelling if brushed against.

Nettles have a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, immunostimulatory, anti-infectious, hypotensive, antiulcer activities and cardiovascular disease prevention.

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Easy Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Wild garlic pesto recipe

Also known as ramsons, wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is a bulbous perennial plant native to Europe in Asia. It grows in dense clumps on woodland floors, forming a carpet of white in spring when in flower.

Wild garlic is a versatile plant with many culinary uses from soups to salads and pesto. Its delicate garlic flavour isn’t as overpowering as true garlic.

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Five Must Have Plants for the Kitchen Garden

Five must have plants for the kitchen garden

Herbs are a vital component of cooking, imparting their unique flavour in both savoury and sweet dishes. There is nothing more rewarding than hand-picked herbs from your kitchen garden.

All of the plants featured in this article are suitable for pots or planted in the ground, they are easy to care for and versatile.

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Edible Flowers For The Home Kitchen

Edible flowers

Edible flowers have a long culinary and medical history and have seen a recent surge in popularity. Many commonly grown flowers are edible and can add flavour, texture and colour to recipes. Pineapple sage Scientific name: Salvia elegans Taste: Sweet, tangy, pineapple Sunlight: Full sun Height: 1.5 metres Width: 90 cm to 1.2 metres Uses: … Read more