Feeding and Caring For a Live or Cut Christmas Tree

Caring for a Christmas tree

A fresh Christmas tree is one of the highlights of decorating the home during the festive season. With so much time and money invested in purchasing and decorating a Christmas tree, it’s important to keep it as happy and healthy as possible so that it stays in tip top shape.

Fresh Christmas trees may be chopped down, or live in their pot, and the care is similar for both types of trees.

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Is Mistletoe Toxic to Dogs?

Is mistletoe toxic to dogs?

Mistletoe (American and European) is toxic to dogs. The toxic properties are viscumin and lectins – (V. album), and toxalbumin, pharatoxin, viscumin – (P. serotinum), which can cause gastrointestinal upset, low blood pressure and low heart rate. What is mistletoe? Botanical name Phoradendron serotinum (North American) and Viscum album (European) Common names Mistletoe, English mistletoe, … Read more

Christmas Plants and Their Toxicity to Dogs

Christmas plants toxic and non-toxic to dogs

Christmas plants and pets

During the Christmas period, many homes are decorated with plants. Knowing which ones are safe and which ones are potentially dangerous can save pet owners an emergency trip to the veterinarian. This list includes some of the most common Christmas plants and includes the toxic properties.

Although many of the plants are labelled non-toxic, ingestion of large amounts of any plant matter can cause gastrointestinal upset.

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