About Botany-World.com

About Julia

I am the founder of Cat-World.com and have been writing about cats for over twenty years, with a special interest in feline genetics and plant toxins, which I have written extensively about.

Botany-World is a new project that started in 2022 to expand my interests and knowledge in horticulture. I have been an avid gardener for more than thirty years, with a special interest in rare houseplants, fruit trees (especially rare varieties of citrus such as Australian finger lime, buddha’s hand and yuzu), dahlias, plant propagation and plant toxins.

I live in a small town an hour south of Sydney, New South Wales with my husband and two children. We share our home with an oriental shorthair, a domestic shorthair, two Tonkinese cats, and a stumpy-tail cattle dog.

When I am not gardening or writing about plants, I enjoy running, bushwalking and photography.

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I love to hear from visitors, so please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or notice any errors. I cannot answer medical questions but will endeavour to respond to all genuine (non-advertising) messages regarding the site.

Contact details: julia@botany-world.com