Is Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) Toxic to Dogs?

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Nordman fir (Abies nordmanniana) is non-btoxic to dogs and is safe to keep in homes with pets, with care.

What is Nordmann fir

Botanical nameAbies nordmanniana
Common namesNordmann’s fir, Trojan fir, Kazdadi fir, Turkish fir, Nordman’s silver fir
Popular cultivars‘Golden spreader’
Mature height12 – 18 metres
Needle retentionExcellent
ScentMild citrus
Native toCaucasus mountains and northeastern Turkey
ToxicityNon-toxic to dogs

Nordmann fir is a coniferous evergreen native to the Caucasus Mountains in Turkey and the Republic of Georgia. Its lush green foliage, classic conical shape, strong branches and excellent needle retention make it one of the most popular Christmas trees.

Nordmann fir is named after Alexander Von Nordmann, a finish biologist who discovered it in 1838.

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Nordmann fir is non-toxic to cats. However, ingestion of large quantities can cause gastrointestinal upset. The bitter taste will deter most dogs from ingesting a large amount.


Pet owners must be aware of the potential dangers of Christmas trees, even non-toxic trees and decorations can pose a potential danger to pets.

  • Secure the Christmas tree to the wall to prevent it from being knocked over.
  • Do not place edible food decorations on the Christmas tree.
  • Unplug lights when there is nobody around to supervise.
  • Avoid angel hair tinsel, which can cause telescoping of the intestines if ingested.
  • Be careful with tree preservers or aspirin, which are toxic to dogs. If you do use a preserver, cover the dish to block access to pets.

Veterinarians see an increase in accidents and food-related illnesses Christmas period. Pet owners must remember that popular Christmas plants and foods can potentially be hazardous to our pets.

Are Christmas trees toxic to dogs?

Common name

Scientific name

Toxicity level

Norway sprucePicea abiesNon-toxic
Blue sprucePicea pungensNon-toxic
Serbian sprucePicea omorikaNon-toxic
White sprucePicea glaucaNon-toxic
Nordmann firAbies nordmannianaNon-toxic
Fraser firAbies fraseriNon-toxic
Douglas firPseudotsuga menziesiiNon-toxic
Noble firAbies proceraNon-toxic
Balsam firAbies balsameaNon-toxic
Grand firAbies grandisNon-toxic
Scotch pinePinus sylvestrisNo information available
White pinePinus strobusNo information available
Virginian pinePinus virginianaToxic
Norfolk Island pine, house pineAraucaria heterophyllaNon-toxic