Flower Meanings: The Symbolism of Flowers

Common name


Acacia Regeneration, perseverance, and integrity all around the globe Acacia flower
Agapanthus Secret love Agapanthus
Allium Unity, good fortune, prosperity, humility, and patience Allium
Alyssum Sweetness of soul Alyssum
Amaranthus Immortality Amaranthus
Amaryllis Pride, strength, determination Amaryllis
Anemone Forgotten love Anemone
Anise hyssop Cleanliness
Aster Love, wisdom, faith Aster
Azalea Wealth, elegance Azalea
Baby’s breath Everlasting love Baby's breath
Bachelor’s button Protection, healing Cornflower
Balloon flower Endless love Balloon flower
Bee balm Sympathy, clarity of thought Bee balm flower
Begonia Uniqueness, harmony, gratitude, or caution Begonia flower
Bellflower Gratitude, constancy, support, romance Bellflower
Bergenia Health and renewal Bergenia
Black-eyed Susan Encouragement Black-eyed Susan
Bleeding heart Passionate love and romance Bleeding heart flower
Bluebell Gratitude, humility Bluebells
Bottlebrush Abundance, laughter, joy, celebration of birth Bottlebrush flower
Buttercup Joy, youthfulness Buttercup
Butterfly bush Rebirth, resurrection Butterfly bush
Calendula Joy, remembrance, endurance, healing Calendula flower
Californian poppy Sleep, peace Californian poppy
Calla lily Life, fertility Calla lily
Camellia Passion, desire, a courageous death
Candytuft Sweetness, indifference Candytuft flower
Canna lily Innocence, youth Canna lily
Cape leadwort Hope, good wishes Cape leadwort flower
Cardinal flower Romantic love, passion Cardinal flower
Carnation Fascination, motherly love Carnation
Catharanthus (periwinkle) Progress, happy memories, youth, purity, strength Periwinkle
Celosia True love, diligence, independence, courage Celosia flower
Chicory Faithful love Chicory flower
Chinese lantern Meditation, life within death Chinese lantern
Chrysanthemum Friendship, happiness Chrysanthemum flower
Clover Good fortune and luck Clover flower
Columbine Strength, wisdom, peace Columbine flower
Coneflower Strength, healing Coneflower
Cosmos Order, harmony Cosmos flower
Crocus Rebirth, cheerfulness, happiness Crocus flower
Cyclamen Devoted heart Cyclamen flower
Daffodil Rebirth, new beginnings Daffodil
Dahlia Elegance, dignity, confidence, beauty Dahlia
Daisy Purity and innocence Daisy
Dandelion Faithfulness, happiness, courage, health Dandelion
Daphne Honesty, innocence Daphne flowers
Delphinium Lightness, fun, levity, joy Delphinium flowers
Diascia Fidelity, friendship Diascia
Edelweiss Courage, bravery Edelweiss
Evening primrose Young love Evening primrose
Feverfew Protection Feverfew
Flaming katy Prosperity and wealth Flaming katy
Forget-me-not True love Forget-me-not flower
Forsythia Anticipation, spring sun Forsythia flower
Foxglove Insincerity Foxglove
Frangipani Perfection, springtime, new beginnings Frangipani
Freesia Friendship Freesia flower
Gardenia Trust, hope, peace, renewal, and protection Gardenia
Gazania Wealth Gazania
Geranium Happiness, good health, good wishes, and friendship Geranium
Gerbera Innocence, purity, cheerfulness, loyal love Gerbera
Geum Purity Geum flower
Gladioli Strength of character, remembrance, faithfulness Gladioli flower
Goldenrod Encouragement Goldenrod flower
Grape hyacinth Wisdom, tranquillity Grape hyacinth
Hawthorn Hope, fertility Hawthorn flower
Heather Good luck Heather flowers
Hellebore Peace, tranquillity Hellebore flower
Helenium Tenderness, tears Helenium flowers
Hibiscus Rare and delicate beauty Hibiscus flower
Hollyhock Ambition Hollyhock flower
Honeysuckle Pure happiness Honeysuckle flower
Hosta Friendship, devotion Hosta flower
Hyacinth Peace, commitment and beauty, but also of power and
Hydrangea Gratitude, grace, beauty Hydrangea flower
Impatiens Motherly love Impatiens
Iris Wisdom, hope, trust Iris flower
Ixia Happiness Ixia flower
Jacob’s ladder Expectation, anticipation, coming down Jacob's ladder
Jasmine Love, beauty, warmth Jasmine
Kalmia Perseverance Kalmia
Lantana Rigor Lantana flowers
Lavender Happiness, love, devotion, peace Lavender flowers
Lilac Purity and innocence Lilac flower
Lily Purity, passion, rebirth Lily
Lily of the valley Purity Lily of the valley
Lobelia Pity, malevolence Lobelia
Lotus Strength, resilience Lotus flower
Lunaria Honesty, money, sincerity Lunaria
Lupin Happiness, imagination, creativity Lupin
Magnolia Perseverance, beauty, purity, and nobility Magnolia
Mandevilla Thoughtlessness Mandevilla
Marigold Power, strength Marigold
Matthiola Beauty, happiness, joy Matthiola
Morning glory Unrequited love Morning glory
Moss rose (portulaca) Confession of love Moss rose
Nasturtium Patriotism Nasturnium
Nigella Harmony, love Nigella
Orange blossom Good fortune Orange blossom
Orchid Love, luxury, beauty, strength Orchid
Pansy Love Pansy
Peony Love, honour, happiness, wealth Peony
Petunia Resentment, anger Petunia
Phlox Harmony, compatibility, unity, partnership, agreement Phlox
Poppy Red (remembrance), black (remembrance of black, African, Caribbean and
Pacific Islanders), purple (remembrance of animals lost at war)
Red poppy
Queen Anne’s lace
Safety, refuge Queen Anne's lace
Ranunculus Charm and attractiveness Ranunculus
Rose Red (romance), white (love, purity), yellow
(friendship), orange (love), pink (grace)
Snapdragon Strength, persistence, grace under pressure Snapdragon
Snowdrop Sympathy Snowdrop
Strawflower Immortality Strawflower
Sunflower Loyalty Sunflower
Sweet pea Blissful pleasure Sweet pea
Tulip Perfect love Tulip
Verbena Enchantment Verbena
Violet Honesty, protection, dreams, healing, remembrance Viola flower
Wallflower Fidelity Wallflower
Winter jasmine Love, money, prophetic dreams, unconditional and eternal love Winter jasmine
Wisteria Long life Wisteria
Wood anemone Protection and anticipation Wood anemone
Zinnia Acclaim, affection, friendship, everlasting love,
remembrance, and tribute